Today in Photographs Part II

ft. JakeJakeEmily, and Emma


Today in Photographs Part I

ft. Jake, Jake, Emily, and Emma

Here’s some nature shots from my quick hike this evening after the rain.

Wednesday in Photographs

"Portrait of a small town"

Gone Fishing

Chinatown, Washington DC

Washington DC

This is Andrew. He’s one of my best friends, a business partner, and a fellow creative. He had some encouraging words for all fellow artist out there so check it out:

"Once upon a time, I made a decision that I didn’t have to make. I stared adult life down and was told that I had to make a decision between being a successful corporate guy and being a photographer / writer / web designer.

I sold my camera gear. I was embarrassed of my past as a creative and had a hard time resolving it with my newfound corporate identity. I was afraid that people would find out about my creative past and I would be written off as a hack in the world of finance. I was told I had to be one thing and that one thing didn’t include toting a camera and pontificating on the future of photography.

I’m the son of a financier and a stay at home mom with incredible artistic skill. I was born to be confused, born to be stuck between worlds.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized one thing: one doesn’t have to make a choice. When asked if you’ll be an adult or a creative, answer simply “yes.” Art isn’t a lifestyle of dreadlocks and dropouts - it’s the commitment to creation. No matter what your art form is, whether spreadsheet or sculpture, the artist is more important than ever.”


Winter Vs. Summer

Photography is a study of contrast, and I can’t think of a better example than the changes a landscape goes through each season. 

I went to Bulls Gap / Whitesburg today

With lonelylonelylonelyeyes and we played basketball with this 7/8 year old kid named Austin in this abandoned lot next to an old home. It was so awesome and I think we all had so much fun and Austin gave me a hug and like wow I just feel really good right now and I want to go back there and play again sometime.

Chynna had the cool idea of going and cleaning up the place and making it cleaner. There were these huge muddy areas that were so slippery that it was actually terrifying to get close to them wile playing, and yet we still managed to have lots of fun.

I’m kind of mostly blogging about this so that I can hold myself to it. I want to get back over there and clean it up for Austin, because I can imagine someone doing that for me when I was that age, and how much that would mean to me and it would be the whole universe.

Andrew, Somewhere in Chinatown 

Andrew @ National Mall

Sunset in DC