Anonymous asked:

Do you ever get backlash for your "Today in Photographs" posts? I'm constantly getting rude remarks about how I sometimes post pictures of events, friends, or things happening in my life on social media, remarks about how I'm addicted to it and can't do anything without posting pictures of it because it's not "real" to me unless it's on facebook or instagram. I disagree with these statements, because I post/take photos for memory's sake, not for attention or likes. How do you deal with this?


I do get some backlash, yeah. So I’ve always taken pictures every single day, ever since I started this blog in like 2010. I used this outlet as a way to push me to post photos every day. So what I used to do is post several in different posts at a time, and followers complained that I was flooding their dash, and that they liked my photos, but not THAT much.

So I started doing the Today In Photographs series. Sometimes I have 3 sets of 10 photos that I like and want to share so yeah, other times it’s one or two photos. To me, at least, it was important for me to share my photography and my memories with other people because I wanted them to feel something from the moments I feel everything. But I didn’t like the act of taking a photo and taking the time to share it when I’m in that moment. I much preferred the act of taking a photo, spending some time editing it and posting it later that night or the next week or the next year, really whenever I felt like it.

I think if you instantly share, it takes a lot away from the moment you’re in, but the act of taking a photo and saving it for later can bring you closer to a moment.

It’s real, whether or not there’s a photo of it. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not. Sure, I get people who don’t like what I do, but guess what? I’ve got a whole bunch of followers that like what I do, and BEST OF ALL I LIKE WHAT I DO. You should too, however you do it. 


Here’s some recent landscape and nature shots. I’ve been either hiking or biking every day this week, and these are some of my favorites so far. I hope you enjoy :)

—Forrest Lane


Earlier this week, Tam and I got to hang out and it was so much fun and we watched Creepypastas and walking through the woods. Nights like that are the kind of nights I live for. 


Anonymous asked:

What's the most fond memory you have of you and a lady friend?


I like this question a lot haha

I guess my favorite is hard to explain. It’s just like really innocent and wonderful and if that’s not the kind of answer you’re looking for, you might want to stop reading.

But, this was a long time ago, on an early spring day. I’d been with this girl for a really short amount of time, and I was just consumed by her. I just thought the absolute universe of this girl, and when she looked at me, it felt like she did too. We went on a picnic under a big walnut tree on my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles blanket, and I brought Waffle House to eat, and she brought Dunkin Donut’s coffee to drink.

It was supposed to be like a 1-2 hour picnic, but she just laid out in the sun with me on that cool spring day for over 5 hours and we held hands and we talked a lot and I remember that was the first time her and my noses touched and it set my world on fire and it was such a big deal.

I think Im really bad at losing site of importance in simple things, but I’m aware of that. So when I’m struggling with why I’m not happy or why things aren’t working out, I think back to that moment in the park, next to a girl I knew I loved but hadn’t told yet, and how everything felt perfect and it was so simple. Moments like that don’t have to be one in a million. I’m choosy with who I spend my time with because I won’t accept anything less than that moment. Simplicity.

I just think that there are a lot of wonderful people out there, and some of them are going to be the world to me. It’s rare that someone is the entire universe to me, but it’s so worth the fight to find people like that, and because that moment constantly reminds me that there are wonderful people out there, I think it’s my most fond memory of a lady friend.


Scoot Squad Promo Video

ft eppysitsstill thecynicaltruth emilywithoutwings and 4estabon

These are my friends and this is our scooter video.

Yesterday eppysitsstill took me to see these mushrooms that were the size of my head. While we were looking at them, and I was taking this photo, a car pulled up just in front of mine and two grandparents and their granddaughter got out to look at them with us and the grandma described them as “plate sized.”

Emma and I went to go find out if the dollar theatre in Greenville was a real thing, or a dream, but it had closed down so we went to see Tammy at the really nice theatre and it was hilarious and there were some great car rides and yeah, yesterday was really nice and I really needed that.

Yesterday in Photographs

I had a great time yesterday with this bunch of people. youshouldsmilesometime and I went to this cool coffee shop and went hiking and thrifting and then I did a sibling shoot with her cousins and it was A+

Just an incredibly fun day! Oh! And check out the phone case she painted for my Blackberry! It looks so perfect now!!!!

Here’s three glorious photographs taken of me by three of my best friends :)

  1. thecynicaltruth
  2. youshouldsmilesometime
  3. lonelylonelylonelyeyes

Today in Photographs

Spent the afternoon with lonelylonelylonelyeyes and it was fantastic!

I had a great senior portrait session with this young lady today!


Today in Photographs Part II

ft. JakeJakeEmily, and Emma


Today in Photographs Part I

ft. Jake, Jake, Emily, and Emma

Here’s some nature shots from my quick hike this evening after the rain.

Wednesday in Photographs

"Portrait of a small town"

Gone Fishing