Oh hey guys, this is me and the music that I make plz go check it out and tell me what you thing xoxo love you all

p.s. I have a new ablum coming out soon (this month) and it’s going to be fab and I can’t wait for ya’ll to hear it.

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Working on my new site #hyfr

I made these cool galleries over at my pxieset site.

I can’t sleep, so I’m just staying up and working on making Pixieset galleries all night, check them out over here.

Sometimes when you’re afraid of something, you ignore its possibilities. 

I felt my life slowly being woven into your heaven.

Here’s some extra photos and outtakes from my set with thecynicaltruth. This shoot was so much fun!


Anonymous asked:

are you looking for a girlfriend?


Idk how I’d “look” for one

a girlfriend is not a commodity, a girlfriend is a cool person that I want to spend time with who I think also are really attractive and I also possibly maybe wouldn’t annoy to death in 50 years who is kind enough to agree to me being her boyfriend. I can’t think of any way to “look” for someone like that specifically, other than to be easy going and not really worry about other people too much and I just kind of work on myself a lot and try to make cool things and if people notice that than yay

and to tell people that you like that you like them

Me, Photographed by Jake Clark

Portrait of me,

A collaboration with thecynicaltruth

Never Will

She was sleeping next to me when I felt the earth move. Now, it didn’t move in the way that would rattle the insides of my parent’s grandfather clock as a kid. This wasn’t some weak tectonic movement, because I swear to you it started from her heartbeat and reverberated inside me until until it was deafening. I’m scared to death that one day I’ll admit to her that she’s the only one who makes me feel alive, but I’m dying to tell her that her bed is the only place I I have left where I can truly find rest. While she slept, she grabbed my arm in hers and laid her head on my chest, as my mind filled the spaces left on her shelf with memories of moments that never happened, nor never will. 

—Forrest Lane

I can drink all the wine I want and write all the metaphors that will fit in the stars, but love is just ink stuck on paper.

—Forrest Lane

This is a video I’m certain I’ve posted before, but it’s one of the most brilliant videos I’ve ever seen. As someone who photographs everything with the knowledge that nothing is permanent, this video hits home on so many levels. It’s so easy to get lost in a memory sparked by a photograph, and I love how sweet this video tells that story, and I cry a little every time I watch this, but I watch it often to remind myself to take photos, to live moments, to keep important people around because nothing is permanent, but as long as I’m alive, I’ll have my memories, and as long as I’m alive it’s important to share them with other people.

Lions, Narrow Arrow, and Zach Gilleran @ The Longbranch Saloon in Knoxville, TN

lonelylonelylonelyeyes and I went to Worlds Fair Park last night at 1am and it was my favorite thing in the world